9.6.–19.8.2018 The Young Artist of the Year 2018 – J. A. Juvani

At the core of J. A. Juvani’s process you can find subjects like queer, feminism, death, lust, poetry, love, hate, stereotypes, worn out clichés and just general silliness. Juvani works with video, photography, sound, objects and text, with a strong essence of performance art.

“Comedy is my most beloved instrument. When the laughter stops, you have to think what I actually want to say. I hope your experience won’t ease your mind, that it haunts you and doesn’t leave you at peace.”

9.6. – 19.8.2018 Tuomo Rosenlund & Mika Hannula: Memory of the Place

Memory of the Place, a joint project of a visual artist and a researcher, combines visual and verbal narration, ways to create reality through details and anecdotes. The project focuses on the history and the present, in turns, of certain sites in Tampere; the experiential nature of a place opens up a century-long development of Finnishness.

The visual material that defines and dominates the entire exhibition consists of ink drawings made on site in different places. At the exhibition, these are accompanied by works that shape and create space, sometimes the size of an entire wall. These works emphasise the politics of small gestures, the combination of image and word, the intertwinement of the public and the common.

The texts at the exhibition focus on the memory of and memories of the place, the articulation and actualisation of these, here and now. The texts are microhistory, a story built on little happenings and doings. As for the drawings, they are all attached to the physical DNA of Tampere, the well and not so well-known sites and situations, surprises and unexpected turns. The texts take flight and take a new spin on the same places, looking at the scenery from the perspective of the entire Finland, or even the entire Cosmos.

A catalogue of the project will be published in context of the exhibition. The exhibition also includes artist presentations and performative lectures.

Tuomo Rosenlund (born 1976) is a visual artist living and working in Tampere. Drawing has always been at the core of Rosenlund’s work. During the last few years he has published pictures of places and buildings, made in documentary style, on display for example at the exhibition Piirrä Nyt (Draw Now) at Lahti Art Museum and Korundi, Rovaniemi.

Mika Hannula (born 1967) is a researcher, writer, critic and curator living in Berlin and Rymättylä. He has dealt with Finland and Finnishness for example in his book Suomalaisuudesta – erään sukupolven tarina (On Finnishness – The Story of a Generation), published by niin&näin, 2007, and in his novel Juhani yksi kaksi kolme ja neljä (Juhani, one, two, three, four), published by Rohkean reunaan, 2017. Hannula curared a painters’ group exhibition titled Nautinto (Pleasure) at Helsinki Art Museum HAM in autumn 2017.